Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August 30 - September 7, 2010 - "7 Second Rule"

Numerous “lurkers” have expressed a desire to learn more about The 7 Second Rule. It’s pretty simple. I wake up in the morning and if it takes me longer than 7 seconds to dress, the temperature is too cold, so a move to someplace warmer is in order. That’s it!

Also, you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

OK, now, on to what we’ve been doing. Not much, really.

We departed Ogallala, NE in route to Omaha. No trip across I-80 would be complete without a stop at Cabela’s in Kearney. We had narrowed or search on a new gas grill and it was purchased at Cabela’s for $99. Comparable stainless steel grills at Camping World sell for $259.

We overnighted at the very crowded Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney, NE; definitely did not have the “it” factor, but for $10 and 50 amp hook ups, what can you expect? After all, we are on a fixed income, and must watch every penny we spend.

The next morning it was on to Papillion, NE where we stayed at Walnut Creek for 2 days, in close proximity to CC’s friend, Dixie, who lives in a town nearby.

Dixie and her husband Ken invited us over to put on the feed bag. Fresh out of the garden jalapeno peppers were stuffed and grilled. Ken marinated, slathered, dry rubbed, kissed, fondled, baked, grilled and otherwise coaxed the 9 racks of baby back ribs to a mouth watering, fall off the bones tenderness that melted in your mouth like “butta”. And yes, there were leftovers. Surely you didn’t think we could devour 9 racks, did you?

CC and Dixie worked together a few (?) years ago and became best friends. When these two get together, you would never know they were separated by so much geographical distance. We both had a wonderful visit and a fantastic meal (with a few adult beverages).

We departed Walnut Creek, just west of Omaha, in route to visit CC’s cousin, Joy, who lives just down the road in the Kansas City, MO area. No visit to Joy’s is complete without a meal from Dominic’s. Again, a “one of a kind” combination Italian carry out restaurant and car wash. Great food, a nice bottle of Vino, and interesting conversation made for a delightful evening, before returning to the rig tied up at Miller’s Kampark for two nights.

The next evening, Joy treated us, along with her friend Brit, to a fantastic home cooked dinner, another great bottle of Vino, and one or two other adult beverages. While dining, one of her two girls decided to try and make a break from the constraints placed upon her, by digging out of the compound. But Joy, ever the diligent “Warden”, apprehended her before she managed to escape. Poor Kaylee…………..

The week long journey continued eastward to Jefferson City, MO for Fester’s family reunion. Saturday evening, my cousin Kay and her husband Darrell, hosted a “cousin’s reunion” at their house with an ol’ fashioned backyard cookout, complete with burgers, brats, numerous side dishes, and the best damn sauerkraut salad I have ever tasted. Oh, did I fail to mention the adult beverages? Yea, we had those as well.

The reunion was Sunday, right after church. A gathering of 100-125 was expected, and I would estimate by the amount of food present, everyone was expecting at least 400 attendees. It has been about 20 years since I have attended a family reunion, not because I didn’t want to, but merely the shear driving distance involved, 1500 miles roundtrip, that restricted CC and I from attending. But now that we’re retired, no problemo! I followed the advice of one of my cousin’s-in-law, that it’s not so easy to remember the names of relatives you only see once every few years, but you just remember their face. OK then, I’m down with that. Of course, nametags supplied by the producers of the event aided me in my face recognition.

Photos of the event were numerous, but most cannot be “published”. CC and I are aware that more than one parole officer follows our blog, AND, as they say, blood is thicker than water, and I would not want to be the one responsible for sending one of my relatives back to the “Big House”. (Just kidding)

On Monday evening, cousin's Tom and Judi held a pizza party at their home. While the guys watched Monday Night Football in the basement, the girls were upstairs doing what they do best. Pizza, beer and football; it just doesn’t get any better.

The family reunion was vastly overshadowed by an award presented by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, on behalf of the French Government, to my Uncle Gilbert. (My Mom’s brother) CC and I gladly accepted an invitation to attend the ceremony held in the Governor’s Office. I am still in shock that the French would award any American for anything, but more overwhelmed by this award. Although not exclusively awarded for military service, the Legion of Honor is France's highest award and was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. Please take the time to click on the hyper-link and watch the video or read a “professional” writers account of the event.

While CC and I were at the State Capitol, we decided to take the tour. It only lasted an hour, but well worth every minute. The building is built mostly from Missouri limestone from the Carthage mine, and was constructed from such, due to the fact that two previous Capitols, built from wood, caught fire, and burned to the ground. The interior, and it’s artwork will marvel even those not as well versed in art as CC and I ;) The House Lounge was originally built with white walls, but in the 1930’s, the people of Missouri, commissioned local artist Thomas Hart Benton, to “muralize” the room; controversial then, as well as now.

While touring the outside of the State Capitol we came across another tidbit of the state’s history. I’m sure, there are some that disagree with allowing such a monument on public property, but I applaud the people of Missouri for their strong will and moral values.

And lastly, as our week comes to a close, we discovered the Lewis & Clark Monument.

It has been a very full week. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute with family and friends, and a little discovery on the side. Take care, and next, we’re moving to Oklahoma City. See ya there……………..