Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012 "Happy New Year"

CC and I want to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous Happy New Year! The fireworks are booming in the background as I write this. Those Hispanics / Mexicans love their noisemakers. If we don’t make it to midnight, we’ll surely be awakened by their exuberance. We’re sitting outside watching the LSU vs Clemson game as it’s 72 right now. It is truly a blessed life we live.

I’m working on the 2012 Budget, so that will be forthcoming, but preliminary figures indicate we came in about $500 - $600 per month under budget. That’s enough for me to say Hooray!

Until next time, take care and stay well…………..

Monday, December 24, 2012

December 4 - 23, 2012 "Welcome Back Winter Texans"

The time since we arrived at Ranchero Village has flown by, even quicker than usual by meeting dozens of new people in the new park and getting acclimated to the way things are done here by the long-time Winter Texans who have flocked here for years. We have made some amazingly wonderful new friends and reunited with friends from past years here in Weslaco.

CC and I are both on a quest to shed a few pounds, so we have been eating more responsibly and preparing more meals versus going out to eat and not knowing exactly how the food is prepared. One thing is for certain here in the RGV, if the tortilla chips taste good, they have been fried in lard! It’s especially hard for CC to resist, considering chips and salsa are one of her primary food groups; but I must admit, she is doing quite well at resisting the temptation. Another helpful activity in our quest is Happy Hour; everyday at 4 pm. Helpful because here at this new park, food and snacks are omitted, unlike past years; eliminating that aspect HAS to help, right?

On December 7, the Welcome Back Winter Texan Appreciation Day was held in Nuevo Progreso, MX, a mere 6 miles south of us. When they advertised free food, drinks and gifts, we were “all in”. To begin the day, we met a group of friends from last year for breakfast at Rene’s Bakery in NP around 8 am, and from there it was on to El Disco for one of Tony’s famous margaritas. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? From there, we ventured outside and strolled along the sidewalk and watched the parade, various street performers, and the beer girls. It’s a tough life.

Until next time, take care and stay well………………..

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012 - "Back in the RGV"

It’s been a month since our last post, and suffices it to say, it has felt like longer. With that said, it reminds me of advice given to me by my parents, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. So now on to the positives………….

We finally left McClains RV in OKC, not because everything was fixed, but the contrary. It seemed everything they fixed involved further, additional “mysteriously costly” repairs. So after three weeks of that, we moved to Childress, TX, to visit CC’s daughter, Letta, and her family.

CC had a great time hugging on her new great grandbaby, Haley. Luckily for CC, Mary stayed close by over the weekend, as that little girl is most definitely a mama’s girl. Pictured below are four generations, from left to right, CC, Haley and her mom, Mary, and Letta.

GGCC and Haley; see any resemblance?

We called MCD in McKinney, TX, to make an appointment to get the shades repaired, and the soonest they could get us in was Monday, Nov. 19. OK, we’ll just extend a week here and CC can get in a few more hugs because the next time she will she Haley, most likely after she begins walking. The week flew by, as it usually does when visiting family and friends, and had a fantastic time.

The following Monday morning we drove the 250 miles to McKinney, and arrived at MCD shortly after noon. They backed us in to one of their 12 RV sites, and told us they would get us in ASAP. Tuesday at 8 am, they knocked on the door, and proceeded to repair the damaged cab shade. While the two techs were in the rig, they checked ALL of the MCD shades and adjusted the tension and stops, so now they are all working like new. We departed MCD shortly after 11 am, only 23 hours after we arrived; now THAT is what I call customer service. We cannot say anything bad about MCD. If you are thinking about replacing your old pleated day/night shades, MCD is the best. Granted they are not cheap, but quality made in the USA; we like that!

Finally, all the needed repairs complete, and Murphy behind us, we move southward to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), about 3 weeks behind our preliminary schedule. After overnight stops in Santos and San Antonio, we arrived at our winter home at Ranchero Village in Weslaco, TX shortly after noon on Thanksgiving. We located the manager and he opened the south gate and escorted us to our site; actual grass without sand burrs and large concrete pads, something unfamiliar to us in past winters here in the RGV.

Friday morning we did the usual WDYWTDT, and you guessed it, CC opted for going to Nuevo Progreso, MX for shopping, margaritas and lunch. It was like old home week, as we met up with old friends from past years at Pancho’s in El Disco I. Do we look like we’re having fun?

That’s it, that’s all for now. Until next time, take care and stay well………….

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 8 - 27, 2012 "Still in Oklahoma City"

Shortly after arriving in OKC, I decided to make an appointment to get the non-working items on the rig repaired. Not wanting to duplicate the problems we had at Steve Casey’s in Denver, this time I researched and found McClain’s to be one of Winebago / Itasca’s top dealers. When I called, they told me the earliest they could fit me in would be October 22; almost 3 weeks away. Well, if that’s the best they can do, let’s do it. We had planned to be here for 2 – 3 weeks, so a little longer wasn't a big deal.

After getting her mom’s phone / cable / internet bundled, and getting her new computer set up, CC has been busy doing mother / daughter “things”, of which I’m not sure I want to know the details. In addition, we have both been busy seeing old friends over dinners, at happy hours, and football games; we are, after all in the heart of football country. CC’s daughter, Letta, came for “a girls weekend out”, while Rick and I went fishing and stayed in his Lake Hudson “cabin”; now my wallet is lighter and the freezer is full of fish. You do the math.

Monday, October 22, came before we knew it. Upon arrival at McClain’s I was told they didn’t make appointments; it was first come, first served. Say what? I was not a happy camper, and it probably came through in my subsequent conversation with Julie, the customer service rep at McClain’s. She asked what our problems were and I said I went over that with the person that made the appointment, to which she repeated, “We don’t take appointments”. I took a deep breath and started in on my litany; the Kingdome satellite system is not locking onto the satellite, the electric element in our Aqua-Hot is not working, the Dometic ice maker is not making ice and we have a broken support bracket on our front windshield MCD motorized shades. She said, “OK, I’ll try and work you in today”. With that exchange behind us, we proceeded to the customer lounge.

By 4 pm, CC was getting mildly irritated, and went to speak with Julie and soothe any wounds I may have inflicted earlier. A few minutes later CC returned and said they were trying to get to our list but they were very busy due to an RV Show in OKC the previous weekend. Julie did offer to let us “wait” in our rig, versus sitting in their lounge, and just as we were headed out the door, the service technician, Lloyd, said he was ready for our rig. OK, it’s 4:30, how much can they get done by closing at 6 pm? That would be nada. They backed the rig out of the shop, and parked it in one of their complimentary sites with full hook ups adjacent to the service building.

Tuesday morning we were in the shop by 9 am, and Lloyd diagnosed the Dometic problem, stating we needed a complete new ice maker. He tried to troubleshoot the Aqua-Hot, but could find nothing wrong. He acknowledged that there was indeed a problem with the King-Dome, as it would lock on and a few minutes later lose the satellite. By 6 pm, they backed us out of service, and back into our temporary “home site”. Julie then informed us Lloyd would not be in on Wednesday, due to a previously scheduled doctor’s appointment, and the fact she would like him to continue with our rig since he was their most experienced tech. What was I to say? OK seemed the proper response; not exactly what I wanted to say. As CC reminded me later, you catch more bees with honey, than you do with vinegar.

Thursday morning at 9 am, the rig was again in the shop. Lloyd spent the day trouble shooting and on the phone with King Dome, trying to get that issue resolved. Around 3 pm he informed us that our extended warranty required the system had to be returned to the King Dome factory for repair or replacement, which would take 2 – 3 weeks. What the hell? Now I’m thinking IF the person I spoke with from McClain’s, when we arrived in OKC had told me to bring the rig in then, we would be back in business by now. I was not a happy camper. I was equally miffed at our extended warranty. While I tried to regain my composure, Lloyd was busy troubleshooting our Aqua-Hot issue. By 6 pm we were once again in our “home site”.

Friday morning, 9 am, the rig was moved back into service. Around 10 am, Julie approached us in the customer service lounge and informed us that our extended warranty would not pay for shipping the King-Dome back to the factory, which was $160. By now, I’m REALLY not happy. “Let’s go call them”, I said. Julie put me on the phone with Lou from our extended warrant provider, and I tried to calmly and carefully explain the situation to him. When he finally asked what I wanted to do, I bit my tongue, and asked if it would be possible to get an allowance on a new satellite system, so as not to detain us in OKC an additional 3 weeks. When he said yes, I almost fell over, and when he offered $900 I couldn't believe my ears.

CC and I researched our options, knowing we definitely did not want another King-Dome, and finally decided we really didn't need “in motion” but for sure wanted the automatic satellite locator feature. The Winegard Mini-Max was our choice, and luckily for us, had one in stock, and installed by the end of the day. Finally…….something is getting fixed. Lloyd also diagnosed the Aqua-Hot problem to be a bad 110 volt, 14 gauge wire running from the circuit breaker to the Aqua-Hot. We’re waiting to hear back from Winebago on whether or not they will cover the cost of that repair.

So, here we sit, waiting on the ice maker from Dometic and a bracket for the front MCD motorized shades. Originally, Julie “predicted” they would be here November 5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it gets here this week, as both CC and I are getting a case of hitch-itch. The staff here at McClain’s has been fantastic since our initial meeting Monday morning. CC says they are just tired of seeing our ugly mugs; I say, “Pass me the honey”.

 Until next time, take care and stay well………………..

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 1 - 7, 2012 "Oklahoma City Area"

Part of our ritual when leaving Colorado is keeping one eye on the weather. When they predict snow, we leave one day before, which is what we did last year. Since it worked well then, we followed the same protocol this year, and the weather followed suit. We pressed on to Oklahoma City with an overnight boondocking in Hays, KS at Wally World. As we turned south off of I-70 onto I-135, the strong winds from the north pushed us to Wichita in record time, and ultimately arrived at our destination in Oklahoma City by 4 pm. 

 CC has been busy helping her mom “streamline” her communication network, and setting up her new computer. By bundling with Cox, she was able to shave about $70 per month from her expenses, AND move up to digital TV and a 15 Mbps connection to the internet, as she had been on dial-up since the discovery of dirt; they still have dial-up?

We have an appointment to have a few items repaired at McClains RV on October 22, and hopefully they will complete the repairs in one day, provided they don’t need to order parts. What repairs? The ice maker is not making ice, the King-Dome satellite system is not connecting to any satellite, and the electric element is not heating the Aqua-Hot, so we must run the diesel burner for heat and hot water. All these are minor non-essential items, but we like to stay on top of things, and not let the list get too long.

We also hope to catch up with long-time friends while we are in the area, and fully understand sometimes “life” takes priority over visiting with a couple of homeless gypsies. So, there you have our comings and goings for the immediate future. Thanks for taking time to check in on us and until next time, take care and stay well…………….

Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 8 - 30, 2012 "Back Home(?) in Colorado"

We are back at Cherry Creek State Park, enjoying life in the city; visiting friends, having lunches with ex-bosses, meeting with CC’s computer guru to fix a few problems, and generally doing “back home” activities. That pretty much sums up our month here in Colorado. Even though we have been gone over two years, it still feels like we’re home while we are here, and we definitely don’t need the Garmin. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t taken a picture in weeks, as our life here is probably much like your life while you are “home”. But, that is getting ready to change.

We’re dealing with a case of “Hitch-Itch”, so on Wednesday, we’ll leave here in route to Oklahoma to visit CC’s mom, once again enjoying life on the road. Take care, stay well and thanks for stopping by...........

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 1 - 7 "Murphy Returns.....AGAIN!"

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We left Lander in route to Rawlins, WY and moved to our new home at the RV World Campground. While the management was more than friendly and helpful, the park was not much more than a gravel parking lot. We later discovered the other options in Rawlins are no different. But, we are only here for a night or two, so we made do with what we had; we have definitely stayed at worse.

The following morning we decided to see the thriving metropolis of Rawlins, and in doing so, stumbled upon a sign that read “Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum”, and so off we went. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge)

Visiting a prison was never on either of our bucket lists, but I must admit, it was interesting. The prison opened in December 1901 with 104 cells in cellblock A, and had no running water or electricity, and a heating system capable of warming the inside to just 20 degrees above the outside temperature. The weather in Rawlins during the winter is frequently below zero. The “modern” gas heater in the picture below in cellblock A wasn’t added until 1978.

During its operation, it housed over 13,500 inmates; 9 were sentenced to hang and 5 met their demise in the gas chamber. It was closed in 1981. The inmates would stick pictures on the walls of their cell using toothpaste, the only approved method. Anything else would have led to them being charged with destruction of state property. It is said the gentleman that drew his likeness on his cell wall met with swift and cruel punishment.

I can’t imagine being incarcerated with such harsh conditions, but in those days, if you committed the crime, you did the time. The grey and white stripped uniforms were made of a denim/burlap material, and were very harsh to the skin; at least they didn’t suffer from eczema. Other inmates liked the grubs and were actually rehabilitated before earning their release; while others did not fare nearly as well.

The following morning it was eastward to Cheyenne, an easy 150 mile drive across I-80. The roads were great and it was an easy drive until the southerly winds picked up forcing me to put both hands on the wheel. And then it happened, 55 miles from Cheyenne; Murphy returns! He manages to rear his ugly head at the most inopportune times. Something no one likes to see on their dash, the amber “Check Engine” light was on. CC grabbed the Freightliner Manual to research our options, but as she read aloud, “Take the vehicle to the nearest authorized service center”, my heart skipped a beat. She quickly got on the internet and found a service center in Cheyenne, and after calling them, and speaking to a service advisor, my heart resumed normal operation. The tech said, “Bring it in, and we’ll look at it. As long as the light stays amber, everything is OK, but if it turns red, pull over and shut off the engine.” My heart returned to its skipping routine, hoping and praying we would not have to pull over.

We arrived about 11:30, did some paperwork, and took the Equinox to find some lunch. The technician said he would call me if they found anything. After lunch, we found a shopping mall. CC had not seen one in weeks, and the look on her face was pure satisfaction, as she was grinning from ear to ear with excitement. She found Jacques Penne to her liking and departed with a few pair of shorts and a cute t-shirt type blouse. Around 3:30 we returned to Floyd’s to check on the progress of the rig. They were just pulling into the service bay as we arrived. Four LONG hours later, the problem was diagnosed as a glitch in the ECM (Electronic Control Module), the brain of the rig. The technician reprogrammed the ECM with a software update from Freightliner, and by 8:30 we were on our way to our original destination, Tom and Trudy’s, just north of Cheyenne.

We spent the next couple of days visiting with them and Ed and Bev, who had driven their MH up from Ft. Collins to join in the festivities. It’s always good to re-connect with old friends, even if it is only once or twice a year. When I was younger, I never knew older people could or would have so much fun. On Saturday, we fired up Tom’s smoker, loaded it with ribs, pork shoulder and sausage, imbibed in a cerveza fria or two, and continued the funfest. Thanks to Tom and Trudy, for opening your home and your RV Park; we had a great time!

The next leg of our journey took us down I-25 south to Castle Rock, and east on CO-86 to Elizabeth, where we will be staying at Rick and Zoe’s homestead for the next few days; it is so quiet and peaceful. We have an appointment on 9/12 back in Denver to have some repairs done on the rig; it’s always something.

CC made the monumental decision to lose her 9 year old locks. Women can understand this decision, but it is harder for men, since they are pre-programmed to realize and accept that they will eventually lose theirs to Father Time. Now, a couple of days later, she says she wished she hadn't cut it, adding "I look OLDER now". What do you think? Please feel free to comment as she needs some feedback.

I try to be supportive by reminding her that she is, after all, a Great Grandmother, but for some reason, that didn't help much. Geeez....what's a guy to do?

We plan on spending the month of September in Colorado, and after it cools down in the Midwest, move to the Oklahoma City area in October to spend time with CC’s mom. Thanks for stopping by and until next time, take care and stay well my friends……………

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 20 – 26, 2012 “Yellowstone and Cody, WY”

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We have been on the go for the last week, very different than the previous one. There is so much to do in the Cody area, one could easily stay busy for weeks. So with that bit of trivia, let’s get started on our “Next Chapter”. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge.)

Yellowstone National Park was our nation’s first NP, established in 1872. It was an easy uphill 52 mile drive to the east entrance of the park. Today we decided to do the southern loop which included the thermal mud pits and the geyser fields. As we approached our turn, traffic slowed abruptly, for one of the local residents. He walked by the car so close, I could have reached out and touched him, but didn’t as there are signs everywhere warning of such dangerous behavior around these unpredictable animals.

The geo-thermal activity in Yellowstone is volcanic in nature. Several of the rivers were closed to fishing due to warm water, and the need to protect the fish. We saw several people swimming in one of the rivers, and when I asked them about the water temp, they replied “it’s very nice”.

We have visited many of the NP’s this year, each one is distinctively different, but there are a few things they all have in common; waterfalls, rocks and trees. Below are all three at the Kepler Cascades.

Now, on to Old Faithful, which is not the largest geyser in Yellowstone, but it is the most predictable. We arrived shortly after 1 pm and asked one of the Rangers what time the next eruption would be. She got on here walkie-talkie and was told 2:39 pm plus or minus 10 minutes. Well, it looks like we have some time to kill, and CC and Carla wasted no time in high tailing it to the gift shops. By the time we returned to Old Faithful, the crowd had gathered and we had a less than favorable location from which to witness the eruption. It never fails; shopping wins again.

The eruption started around 2:42 and lasted about 5 – 7 minutes. It starts slow, with steam being released, and then water up to 10 – 15 feet tall, and then, in the blink of an eye, erupts to 50 – 60 feet for a few minutes. It then reverses the order, ending with a few puffs of steam.

By now it was 3 pm, and we still had half of our southern circle to complete; more steaming geysers and mud pits, with a waterfall or two thrown in for good measure. By 4 pm we turned Carl’s Dodge Ram loose and headed for home 110 miles away; about 2 hours max. But then, traffic once again abruptly stopped. People were pulling off on both sides, and others just stopped in the road, blocking traffic completely in both directions. The attraction? More critters; this time elk.

The traffic jam cleared in about 20 minutes, and we were, once again, “On the Road Again”. By now it’s close to 5 pm, and the critters are starting to move. This time a herd of bison held up traffic for almost 30 minutes as they slowly meandered their way across the highway.

The following morning we visited The Buffalo Bill Historical Center in downtown Cody. Tickets are a little pricey at $18 each, $16 for seniors, but they are good for two days. So we asked if we could defer our second day until day after tomorrow, due to previously made plans. The lady selling tickets said, “No problem, just hang onto your tickets”, as she wrote the date and her initials on the receipt.

Every time we see a moose, we think of a friend of ours in Colorado. So, Ed, this one’s for you!

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center (BBHC) is much, much more than a tribute to Bill Cody. It has over 5,000 guns and rifles on display, some dating back to the 1300’s. If you’re a gun nut, this place is for you. Personally I was overwhelmed.

The Buffalo Bill Exhibit opened a few months ago, and it pay homage to the most famous scout, hunter and showman in the 1800’s. Bill Cody traveled over 250,000 miles in his life performing in his “Wild West Show”, made a fortune in his lifetime, and died penniless. The complete story is told here, and it is indeed, by itself, worth the price of admission.

Also incuded in the BBHC is an exhibit on Yellowstone (naturally), The Plains Indians, and Western Art. Since we were not fortunate enough to see a bear when we toured Yellowstone, I took the liberty of “shooting” one here.

The following day we decided to save our legs and get some windshield time, driving the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway to Cooke City, MT. The monument at the summit of Dead Indian Pass commemorates the passage of the Nez Perce through here, but it does not mention the confusion they created for those tracking them. just a mile or two beyond the pass the Nez Perce played a trick that was figured out by Chief Scout S.G. Fisher.

We arrived in Cooke City and visited the tourist information center, followed by, you guessed it…….shopping. While the girls shopped their hearts out, Carl and I sat outside enjoying the fresh mountain air in this town of 100 year round residents. The girls finally rejoined us outside looking malnourished so we decided a lunch break was in order to prepare them for their afternoon shopping spree at “The Top of the World”. After lunch we set out to conquer the highest paved road in North America.

We drove the 64 mile highway to Red Lodge, MT, in about two hours, where we stopped for a potty break. Yea right, more shopping; the potty was just a ruse to get us to stop. Carl & I did more sitting, and the girls, more of their usual “spreading the wealth”. Southward from Red Lodge to Cody in a little over an hour, we were home in time for “Happy Hour”.

The following day Carl and I used the second day of our passes at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and the girls? Need I even comment? This is starting to sound like a broken record.

Friday morning we decided on more wind shield time to visit the town of Kirwin, WY, about 85 miles south of Cody; 64 miles of paved road, and 21 miles of dirt / jeep trail. This was on Carl’s bucket list; to visit a ghost town. Along the way, Carla spotted the elusive moose; our first moose sighting in the area.

We arrived at Kirwin, walked around for awhile, and took a few photos. Yep, looks like a ghost town to me.

Back on the road once again we decided to stop in Meeteetse, at the Cowboy Bar for pizza, and it was, if not the best, the second best pizza I have ever eaten. Who would have thought a tiny bar could serve up a pizza this good? If you are ever in the area, this is a must stop.

Well, that sums up our week in Cody. Tomorrow we all will move to Lander, and the following morning CC and I will bid farewell to Carl and Carla, as they have reservations for the Durango-Silverton train ride on Friday the 31st, and we’re moving to Cheyenne and then to the Denver area. We had a great time together, and the days seemed to fly by; until we meet again mi amigos, hasta luego!

And once again, to you, thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives to check in on ours. Until next time, take care and stay well……………….

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 13 - 19, 2012 "Our 100th RV Park"

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The trip from Cascade to Bozeman was an eventful 135 mile drive. We traveled down I-15 to Helena and picked up US 12/287 South to Townsend, MT where we turned eastward on US12. That’s where the fun began. While I was driving, I noticed a flashing road condition sign a few miles earlier, but didn’t have time to read it, and CC had her head buried in one of her “Romance Novels”. As we approached the flagman, who was actually a woman, it became apparent what the sign warning was; road construction. We were told about 4 – 5 miles of blacktop had been removed, and it was VERY rough. Our options? Turn around and drive 60 miles out of the way, or continue the 30 miles with 4 – 5 miles on dirt. And the verdict was? Drumroll please……………..(As usual, click on any image to enlarge.)

After we arrived in Bozeman and got set up at our 100th RV Park since we started this adventure in May 2010, Bear Canyon Campground, our traveling mate, Carl, suggested we “tour” the town. On the way down “main” street we noticed a Ted’s Montana Grill, and decided that was our destination for dinner. After cruising around town, Carl made a comment about the Elks Lodge, so, altogether now we shouted, “Happy Hour”. The people manning the lodge were extremely friendly and gracious, and after a couple of adult beverages we ventured towards Ted’s. Once inside and seated, Carl opted for the bison ribeye, and Carla chose a chicken caesar salad; CC and I both ordered safe and traditional beef hamburgers. Carl insisted on buying dinner and I said, “no way. He then challenged me to an arm wrestling contest in which the winner buys.  I put up one helluva fight but can you believe it, that lil’ sucker whipped my butt in nothing flat. We all left feeling very full, and I left feeling very ashamed for my inadequacies as an arm wrestler. I’ll get ya next time, Carl;…. guaranteed!!!!

The following morning we departed in route to Cody, WY, about 200 miles southeast. As we pulled into Cody, CC noticed diesel prices lower than they were in Montana, so we filled up before proceeding to Absaroka Bay RV Park. A bay in Wyoming; who would have thunk it? After checking in we pulled into site E9 alongside Carl in E8. Just as soon as we completed that task, Kenny and Clara Mae, friends of ours from Country Sunshine in Weslaco, TX came strolling by. If only I had the camera ready to capture the look on Carl’s face. By now it was again, time for Happy Hour.

The following day we mostly sat around visiting and catching up with Kenny and Clara Mae, whom we hadn’t seen since leaving our winter home in late March. Kenny and Carl have known each other for 25 years, and to listen to them banter, you’d think they either have a love – hate relationship or just act like spoiled 5 year olds. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between, or maybe they just like to give one another as much sh!^ as possible.

Friday was Carl’s birthday, so after an afternoon of walking around downtown Cody, Carla had arranged a semi-surprise party at the Cody Elks Lodge. We arrived around 5 pm, celebrated and awaited the hamburger dinner they have on Fridays.

Kenny’s present to Carl on his birthday was a box of horse manure. (See how I cleaned that up?)

Saturday morning we all gathered and discussed our options for the day. We had not done much of anything, except for visiting, so we all had a case of cabin fever. Unanimously, we decided on a trip to the Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse, WY; the oldest continuously operating bar in the state. On the 35 mile drive, Carl wanted to check out a fishing hole in the area, Sunshine Lake. Of course no one had the foresight to take along a map, so we ended up driving around for almost an hour looking for it. It was close to noon by the time the driver on this excursion, Kenny, decided to give up and go have lunch. Of course Carl took the opportunity to once again, give Kenny a ration of manure, for not being able to find the water.

We all ordered lunch and had an enjoyable time together. I’m sure bystanders and onlookers will question that, due to bickering by two individuals. The food was very good and the portions were generous. The ambiance was almost like stepping back in time.

That pretty much sums up our week. Of course nightly dinners were a sort of pot luck, you bring a veggie, I’ll do a potato something, and oh yea, they have the steak / pork chops / ravioli / meatloaf. Who’s cooking what? Somehow we managed to put some good grub on the table every night, and Clara Mae ALWAYS had dessert; her specialty as none of the rest of us can bake the way she can. All in all; it was a very good week. And, we had the opportunity of meeting some new people here at the park; always a treat for us, especially when they are new full-timers as well. Safe travels Dennis and Deena.

Next week it’s on to Yellowstone. I can’t wait. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and until next time, take care and stay well…………………….