Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 18 - 25, 2010 "Merry Christmas"

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CC continues her chair and Zoomba classes, while Fester, always inquisitive researched the difference between tacos, burritos and fajitas; and there is a difference, albeit minute. Tacos are small, 6” tortillas, usually filled with one or more ingredients (cooked, as in bacon and eggs, but not grilled), and folded over. Fajitas are the same, but the ingredients are grilled meat or seafood and grilled vegetables. Burritos are larger, 12” tortillas, filled with 2 or more ingredients, and rolled with the ends sealed. Thus ends the first cooking class in Mexican 101. Next time we will cover salsa, picante and pico de gallo.

Naturally, everyday ends with the pool and hot tub. My back is starting to relax after punishing it unmercifully from April through September, with two house liquidations.

On the 21st, I awoke at 2 am to view the lunar eclipse and it was cloudy, so a wasted trip it was. Later that day CC cleaned the rig and did Zoomba. The pool and hot tub were very crowded today; maybe the word was out, “Swimsuits Optional”.

CC helped with buffet dinner preparations on Wednesday, by peeling apples and wrapping 120+ potatoes in foil. Later, at Don Wes, we purchased a gallon thermos ($2) for pool “strawberry” margaritas tomorrow. Hard to believe it’s Christmas week, as the temps the last 2 days have been in the 80-85 degree range during the day and 62-65 at night. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas for all of you, not us.

CC made her second Ropa visit with Terri and friends of hers from the UK, while I went to the store to purchase ingredients for “Pre Christmas Eve Margaritas” at the pool this afternoon. Margaritas were a hit; made a gallon and they went quickly.

Friday morning CC was up at 5am? Don’t ask, don’t tell? So at 6 am we ventured to HEB for Christmas Dinner “stuff”; asparagus and dinner rolls, which were our “contribution” to the Christmas Dinner Buffet, tomorrow at 2 pm. Then it was on to Progreso, MX, to do some more research on Pancho’s Pharmacy, to ascertain whether their margaritas are as good as they were last week or maybe it was just a onetime fluke. We left about 9:30 am, just in case the bridge was again closed. There was a bomb threat yesterday, and the bridge was closed for a few hours. Pictured below is the group, “judging” the margaritas at Pancho’s. It was no fluke, these are the real deal; no kool-aid here.

There are actually two Pancho’s  in Progreso. The first one is about a block from the bridge on the west side of the street, and is NOT the good one. Venture on down about 2 more blocks on the west side, until you see the Galerias (on the other side of the street). There is no hanging signage that says Pancho’s Bar, but it is in the El Disco "Pancho's" store, and the bar is on your right as you walk in the door.

After one $2 margarita, we all decided it was time for lunch. We each ordered another margarita at Pancho’s and carried our “to go” cups to the Red Snapper, where the food is fantastic, but their margaritas can’t compete with Pancho’s. Does this look like a happy crew, or what?

We all returned from MX around 2 pm, and naturally headed to the pool, and guess what? The “Swimsuits Optional” sign had been removed from the pool gate. Some people have no sense of humor AT ALL, and are simply “Old Fuddy Duddies”.

CC and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and hope your day was as good as ours. Even without family, we have made friends here at the park, and spent some time at the buffet dinner with them. The food was outstanding, and what I really treasured, was sampling the many different foods that our group of 9 couples had prepared. It was NOT your traditional Christmas dinner; much better.

Until next time, take care and stay well……………….


  1. Merry Christmas y'all... We love you CC and Fester... We had a white Christmas here in Birmingham... Patrick

  2. PH, back at ya! (Except for the snow) Please send pics of Carson, Jennifer & you frolicking in the snow. He is at that WONDERFUL age, but I still think he needs a little sister to "protect". Keep practicing!