Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 1 - 7, 2011 "Budget 2010 Final Numbers"

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The final numbers are in; our first 6 months of “full timing”, total expenses averaged $3,523 per month. While we certainly didn’t live extravagantly, neither did we live like paupers, and much to my amazement, we were actually $648 per month under budget. When we began this lifestyle in May 2010, I had to “guesstimate” what our expenses would be. I know some full timers spend more, and some spend less. Could we live this lifestyle for $2,500 per month? Absolutely, as there is easily $1,000 per month in “wants”, not “needs”. (Click on image below to enlarge)

New Year’s Day, we were invited by our neighbors, Carl & Carla, to a afternoon feast of black eyed peas and chicken, served over white rice, and sided by coleslaw.  The recipe was developed as a personal gift to Carl by renowned Chef Paul Prudhomme, on their last visit to New Orleans.  Thanks to Carl, Carla, and Paul;  it was outstanding.

Do we really NEED to go to Nuevo Progreso, MX as often as we do? (Rhetorical question- no need to answer).  It is just one of those “wants” we could trim from the budget, but CC enjoys it, and I am in search of the ultimate $2 margarita AND the ultimate lunch under $5. Today’s trip started at Pancho’s for the best $2 “Rita” we have found, but we’re still searching. Then it was across the street to The Iguana House for Progreso style lonches; 5 for $4.99. CC and I split the order and we both left feeling very satisfied.

After lunch we ventured the 6 miles north to our home for the winter, Country Sunshine. The park is starting to fill, and today there were more people in the pool than usual, honing their “Bobbing” technique. Of course, CC and I are newbie’s, and MUST take every opportunity to develop our skills as well, as it was in the 80’s today, and the water was a wonderful 88 degrees.

Since we had a light lunch, we decided to pay a visit to the 6th Street Market, here in Weslaco. The ribeyes looked especially good, and at $8.99 per pound, were reasonably priced. Add a baked potato and a glass of wine, and diner at Chez Sol Crucero was served. Neither of us managed to finish our steak, since we are now on a change of lifestyle and are determined to shed a few LB’s that we have slowly put on while being here.

CC and I are out the door by 7:15 am, and walk for 2 – 3 miles before CC goes to one of her 8:00 am exercise classes. This week she had chair, Zumba, Yoga, and an advanced exercise class at our neighboring park, Southern Comfort. Both RV parks are Encore Properties, so we can take advantage of any activities / amenities provided at either park.

Now I know what you are thinking; not another trip to Nuevo Progreso? You betcha! CC and I just hate to turn down an invitation, and while perfecting our “Bobbing” skills every afternoon in the pool, someone mentions lunch SOTB, that is all it takes; we’re in. Do we look like we’re having fun yet? (Click on the picture to enlarge. Notice how bored to tears everyone looks - NOT)

That sums up our week. We hope yours was as enjoyable as ours. It is predicted that the high today will only be 79, so we may just have to go to the pool. I know, it’s a tough life; so for all you rookies out there, don’t try this at home without adult supervision. Until next time, take care and stay well……

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  1. Great blog ,thanks for sharing.
    We are "Summer full timers...",every summer we RV 4-5 months ,store the rig at the end of the trip and continue from there in the following Spring to new States/Provinces.
    Our monthly budget is similar to yours ,around a 100$ a day including everything.
    Life is short and we wish you to do all the things you wanted to do but had no time till now..