Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 13 - 20, 2011 "Florida (NY) to Niagara Falls, NY"

The tour bus picked us up at the rig at 7:45 am, and it was off to the Big Apple. A few minutes later we were solidly in the middle of a traffic jam that took nearly an hour to clear, so our arrival time in NYC was 10:15 am, and we were soon standing in Times Square. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge).

Next stop; Ground Zero. Words alone cannot describe the emotional feeling of standing on the same ground that cost over 3,000 Americans their lives, at the hands of lunatic religious zealots, that have no respect for human life, no matter how strong their tainted beliefs are. Partial justice has been served, thanks to our well trained Navy SEALS, but we, as Americans, should not rest, until all of those responsible for this cowardly, evil act are brought to justice.

The cross is an actual piece of the World Trade Center, and on the left side is an actual piece of one of the ill-fated planes. It will stand as a reminder for generations to come, of the worst terrorist attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor, and for those old enough to remember, the outcome of that cowardly action involved the Enola Gay.

Liberty State Park, on the shores of New Jersey, acted as a morgue in the days following 9/11, where family members would come and pick up the remains of loved ones. To think back, in the early 1900’s, this was the site that LEGAL immigrants departed via train, after they were admitted into the US from Ellis Island; what a dichotomy.

After going through TSA security, we boarded the ferry for the short ride to Ellis Island. (Leave those knives, fingernail files, and tweezers at home, if you want to keep them.)

Another short ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. I had not been here since 1965, and was surprised to learn that if one wanted to go to the top of Miss Liberty, a special ticket was needed. No extra cost involved, but reservations need to be made months in advance, as only a few hundred visitors a day are allowed into the crown. Why are there seven points on the crown? Pop quiz to follow.

From the shores of Liberty Park, a view of Manhattan, and the Empire State Building. A memorial to 9/11 is being erected here, and visitors will be able to view Manhattan, looking through the monument, at the skyline that existed before that dreadful day; opening is scheduled for 2013

Back on the bus at 5:30 pm, we arrived back at Black Bear Campground shortly before 7 pm. The cost for all of this, you asked? A mere $90 per person, with our super informative and funny tour guide, Al Kaufman.

Today we traveled from Black Bear, via I-17, to Endicott, NY, not only the home of IBM, but our new home as well, at Pine Valley Campground. Aaahhhhhh!!!! I needed this. Initially we had planned on staying for two nights, but the weather and scenery were so perfect, we extended for two more. We both agreed, this little campground was really a diamond in the rough, and we can highly recommend it to anyone; as close to a 10 as we have found.

After a day of R&R, we ventured to Watkins Glen. CC and I were both amazed at the numerous waterfalls cascading down the gorge.

We then proceeded to tour a few of the 34 wineries located on the hillsides of beautiful Lake Seneca. After stopping and doing some wine tasting, and purchased a few bottles, we departed for the 90 minute drive back to our home. Since I was the designated driver, I sampled, but did not swallow; I left that task to CC. (OK Carl, Rick, Dave, Terry or George; no comments on that last statement. This blog is Rated RV-13)

Travel days come too quickly, but we have places to go and people to see. We departed Endicott via I-17 in route to Niagara Falls, and got set up at our new home for the next few days, the AA Motel and Campground. (Definitely NOT a 10, but one of the closest RV parks to the Falls in the area, and NOT a bargain at $49.95 per night for 30 amp service)

We decided on the four hour tour of Niagara Falls that departed at 5:30 pm, and doing so would give CC the opportunity to see the falls illuminated at night. I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thus ends our Eastern Adventure. Tomorrow we venture westward, back to God’s country. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, take care and stay well………………….


  1. Time to head out West. I really liked the Falls when I was there. But, it was cold and we were the only Americans there. Niagara was flooded with Japanese tourist, then.

  2. This was very informative. I thought Liberty Campground was the closet to NY. Now I know better, and that one seems nicer. Thanks for the info