Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011 "More Murphy"

Over stimulated with sensory and memory overload; that is the way I would describe our last two weeks. After our bout with Murphy, things improved, albeit marginally.

CC and I are thinking about going back to work so we can get some rest, and return to a “normal” life; On second thought, maybe not. It takes real intestinal fortitude to live this lifestyle, and we are not quitters, so we must carry on. I cannot begin to write about everything we have experienced since our last posting, but it has been educational, in a good sort of way.

The Rally was hot and humid, with seminars held in large tents. Heat indexes were triple digits every day.  We attended classes presented by Cummins, Michelin, A&E awnings, HWH Leveling Systems, Winnebago Electrical Systems, Fulltiming 101, WIT Tours, and others I cannot recall due to cranial heating and overload. CC participated in the WOW (Women on Wheels) Driving School, and was invited to teach at next years Rally. Double WOW.

Winnebago offered a “Sign and Drive”, so CC and I signed up to test drive a 2012 Tour 42AD  with the 450hp Cummins. We were both impressed with the drivability and the smooth comfortable ride, not to mention the floor plan. Over the next few days we discussed moving up to a new diesel pusher, and decided to price one out, just the way we wanted, including options, interior and exterior colors, fabrics and counter material. Very nice, and the price? Triple WOW!!!!! We are still trying to justify a purchase of this magnitude, given our experience with the Winnebago Service Center. Had our experience there been less painful, the decision to purchase a new one would have definitely been easier. We’re still on the fence. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Evenings were also hot and humid, but we managed to attend a few “Happy Hours’, hosted by the 365 Club, Florida WIT, and row parties. Evening entertainment was provided every night from 7 pm until 9 pm. We did attend 3 evening performances, but usually we were so hot and sticky, all we wanted to do was hit the shower, and cool off in the rig.

While all of this was going on, we had the rig back into the Winnebago Service twice. So, on the days of service, it was up early, tear down, and move the rig from the Rally grounds to service. Waiting and more waiting for them to complete the work in this oppressive heat. What is that I hear? Sounds like Murphy. Wrong part? Oh, come back in 3 days, you say. Back to the Rally and set up. Three days later, repeat the process. Check.

Duncan Industries was at the Rally, repairing windows. Since we had two with broken seals, we signed up. Long, long story short; didn’t happen, and our options are to drive back to Elkhart, IN, or meet them in Madison, WI in two weeks, where they will be attending the Family Motor Coach Association Rally. 

We will take a break from all the stimuli, and just recoup and recharge at a sleepy little campground in Eastern Iowa; Lake Shores RV Resort. Not too bad, as the Passport America rate is $18 per day with no restrictions. From here, we're Madison bound; Murphy-less if at all possible.

Until next time, take care and stay well……………………….


  1. Don't leave us in suspenders! What was the bottom line for your dream coach?

  2. Bottom line was our coach + $210K + $13K sales tax