Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 10 - 22, 2011 "Oklahoma City Area"

Two weeks in Oklahoma City went by sooo quickly. CC spent the majority of her days de-cluttering her mom’s house, making it easier for her (Jo) to navigate, while I managed to arrange for a new windshield and repair a few small items on the motorhome (MH).

Since CC and I partially grew up in the area, we still have many friends here, and trying to catch up with all of them is nearly impossible, but I did manage to have lunch with Sid before he bolted off to Perry for a wrestling coaches meeting. John and Vicki invited us for the OSU-Texas game, and we collectively prepared a lasagna dinner with two of their kids, Daniel and Danae, who were home from college on mid-tern break. Chuck and Kelly drove up from Norman for dinner at Rococos, where we met Bobby, the Oklahoma equivalent to Ted Nugent. Before Rick headed to Key West for his daughter’s wedding, we squeezed in a dinner at Trapper’s. We took Jo on the 45 minute drive to Okarche, and dined at Eischen’s Bar for their famous fried chicken featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. CC and I also managed a lunch at Spencers BBQ and one (or two) at Braums. And last but not least, no visit to Oklahoma would be complete without a meal at Hideaway Pizza. CC and I both gained a few pounds as we dined on our favorites, and re-connected with friends from our youth. Thanks to all. We can only hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The Dometic refrigerator has been giving us a “ER 13” flashing code for the past few weeks. After researching it, I discovered that more than likely it is a bad heating element in the freezer defroster drain tube. I called Lee’s RV in OKC to see if they would be able to order the part and install it. The first question they asked was if I bought the MH from them, to which I replied, “no”. Immediately they said it would be mid-November before they could look at it. Well, OK then. Since we are headed south, I found and authorized Dometic dealer in San Antonio, aptly named San Antonio RV, and called them to inquire about the possibility of fixing the refer. After a brief conversation with Allen, he said he would call Dometic and call me back. A few days later he called and said he had the part, and to just call him when we arrived in san Antonio. That was easy; the way it should be.

We left Oklahoma City on Wednesday, and traveled 220 miles SW to Childress, TX, to spend some time with CC’s daughter, Letta and her husband Billy. CC’s grandson, Lane, is living and working about 4-5 hours away in Andrews, TX, so the verdict is still out on whether or not he will show up to give CC a neck hug.

From here, we will head south. No definite route planned, and that’s the way we like it. Until next time, take care and stay well………………..


  1. Ha! We are right behind you. We only spend a day and a half in Oklahoma City but are now heading South - eventually to Galveston Island State Park where we will camp host for the month of November. Here is the link to our blog re: our vist to Oklahoma City.

  2. You are getting into my part of the country. If you get close to Lubbock, give me a hollar! BTW, OU whipped the snot out of Texas.(We like that here)

  3. Michael,
    I bet you and Lubbock are really whooping it up this morning as am I. Go Pokes!