Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 1 - 12, 2011 "San Antonio RV"

In my previous posting I was so impressed with San Antonio RV; not so much now. Originally on October 25, when I called Allen telling him we were in route to San Antonio, and would be arriving on Wednesday the 26, he scheduled to replace the part on our refrigerator on Thursday or Friday, October 27 – 28, but that didn’t happen. I spoke to him on Friday afternoon, October 28, and he claimed he had been extremely busy, and it was too late in the day (3:30 pm) to make it happen, but he would be at our rig “first thing Monday morning”. When I pressed him for a time, he responded with, “I’ll call you when I’m on my way”.

It is now 1:30 pm on Monday afternoon, October 31 and have not seen or heard from Allen, so I decided to call him, and the call went directly to voice mail. I left a message to please call me and let me know what to expect. No call back from Allen.

It is now 7 pm, and I call him once more, and the call goes to voice mail. I again leave him a message to call me, and to inform him we would be leaving the San Antonio area around noon on Tuesday, November 1; and further if he could possibly get the job done first thing Tuesday morning. No call back from Allen. Now we are really in a quandary; do we stay or do we go?

Tuesday morning I called Allen at 8 am, and guess what? Voice mail again.  I left another message asking for him to return my call and let me know what to expect. We waited around until noon; check out time at Braunig Lake, and departed San Antonio without hearing from Allen.

We arrived at Camping World (CW) in Mission, TX a little after 4 pm, and proceeded to the service counter to check in for our appointment. I spoke with Eddie at CW and asked if we could just boondock for the night, instead of driving 20 miles to Weslaco and then returning in the morning. He said, “no problemo”.

Wednesday morning I asked Eddie at CW if he could fix our refrigerator. He took the necessary information and said he would call Dometic. A couple of days later on Friday, Eddie called and informed me Dometic would not ship an additional part, as one had already been shipped to Allen at San Antonio RV, and it was my responsibility to contact Allen and either get him to ship the part to me, or return it to Dometic. OK, another call to Allen yielded the same result; voicemail and he didn’t/hasn’t returned my call.

Now I’m really in a pickle. Could something awful have happened to Allen or his family, and that is the reason for not returning my calls? Or, is he not returning my calls for other reasons? Guess I’ll try AGAIN on  Monday, November 7, to call Allen; maybe I’ll get lucky.

I’m going to think positive thoughts as I dial the number (210) 359-9660. Ring….ring….ring…Voice mail. So I leave yet another message for him to return my call or please ship the part to me or back to Dometic, and offered to pay him for his time to do so. End result, no call back from Allen.

OK, it is now Thursday, November 10, and decide to try again, but this time there is a new greeting on his voice mail, stating he will be out of the office from November 11, returning on Tuesday morning, November 15. So I know, at the very least, he is still alive.

I have also sent an e-mail to Dometic, outlining the chain of events and the outcome so far. I’m hoping to get this resolved, but right now, I don’t feel as confident as I did a month ago. Is this the norm for Customer Service in 2011?

Until next time, take care and stay well………………….

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  1. I think that Dometic has failed as well as San Antonio RV. This seems to be a nightmare that you can't wake up from. I will call both of them and let them know that their reputation extends to North Carolina.