Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

May 2010 - "Houseless but not Homeless"

May 2-15

Departed our "stix & brix" home of 10 years, in our new home on wheels and headed to Cherry Creek Sate Park, just a few miles away. We needed to stay in the area as we were both still working. Our plans were to stay at CCSP for a month. However, we were informed that as a Colorado State Park, there is a 14 day limit for every 45 calendar days. While there, we awoke one morning to snow. Yes, it actually can and does snow in Colorado in May.

The facilities at CCSP are clean, well maintained, and the campsites are larger than normal. It was not uncommon to see deer within a few feet of our rig.
We spent much of the first 2 weeks of "full timing" getting used to the lifestyle, and decided that it would be a work in progress. It's hard to break the 50+ year habits of living in stix & brix.
May 16-31
Our time at Cherry Creek State Park had come to an end, and we moved to private property 30 miles to the South East.
Recent events have enlightened me to the fact that this is our blog, and as such, we need to be considerate of others privacy and their interpretation of what is written. It is always hard to entirely get your point across when writing. It is much easier face to face, when all parties can hear the inflection in your voice and see your facial expressions, to know when you are just teasing or being sarcastic, or both. (which CC tells me I can be at times) Spoken words that would usually get a laugh, and a "you can kiss my a$$, you SOB", can often be misunderstood when written. So, with that life lesson learned, I will just move forward and wish those involved the very best, as it was never my intention to be malicious in any way, and just say, "Hey, Lil' Buddy, I was just joking. Geesh, I thought you knew me better than that." Thanks for everything.

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