Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Sunday, May 8, 2011

April 25 - May 7, 2011 "Manasota Key, FL"

After a short drive of only 69 miles, we arrived at Homosassa Springs RV Park. After getting checked in and set up, we wanted to explore the area, and right down the road was the State Park, complete with mosquitoes.  I don’t think these guys and gals hardly noticed. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge)

For more information click on the following link for Homosassa State Park.
The park is also a sanctuary, caring for injured animals, as was this Bald Eagle, along with other rehabilitating manatee, owls, foxes, and deer.

While here at the RV park, CC did some laundry, and some provisioning, while I tried to catch up on our budget and finances. That part of life doesn’t change, whether your living this lifestyle or in a stix and brix. Money doesn’t grow on trees; wonder if anyone has reminded Congress of that?
Another short hop of 80 miles, and we were at our new home, the Tampa East RV Resort. These long(?) travel days are really taking their toll on us. HaHa! After check in and set up, CC reminded me that we were only a few miles from Lazy Days, the largest RV distributor in the world; soooo off we were to find our “Ultimate Rig”. Upon arrival at Lazy Days we were asked a few questions, and the receptionist then called for a sales person by the name of Moke to assist us. He was a very nice and friendly young guy, new to the industry, and really worked his tail off, trying to find us exactly what we were looking for in our “Ultimate Rig”. We narrowed it down to a 2007 Tiffin Phaeton 42 footer, with tag axle with a 350 HP Cummins diesel.

We slept on it, and kept coming back to the one thing, well actually two, that we just couldn’t live with; the TV location in the living area, and the possible misconception that I thought the 350 to be a little small for this size of rig. It drove and rode remarkably well on the test drive, but that was in flat Florida, and not in the mountains that seem to now be in our blood, after 30 years of living in Colorado. We could have done the deal for $100K plus our rig as a trade in, but we were not willing to sacrifice what we wanted AND be $$$ lighter in the wallet. We will continue looking; there has to be a rig out there with our name on it.

May 2, 2011 Our One Year Anniversary ; One year ago today, we left our home of 10 years and moved into Ms. Sol Crucero full time. We haven’t killed one another yet, so I guess we’ll keep trying; Happy FT Anniversary CC!
Travel day; a short 75 mile jaunt to the southwest, along the Florida coast, to the beach community of Englewood Beach to visit longtime friends, Kathi and Obie. (Last names withheld to protect the innocent.) The arrival ritual consisted of shots of tequila followed by biting a lime---ooops, forgot to stop and get limes---Cheers anyway! It’s been a long trip for us since leaving Weslaco on March 15. Let’s do another shot!

Bright and early (?) the next morning we walked down to their dock, and were pleasantly surprised at a couple of dolphins chasing mullet off the seawall. Pictures were hard to take, because you never knew just where the dolphins would surface, but it was fun watching them chase the fish, and play with them after they were caught, that is, until it was lunchtime---down the hatch lil’ fishy!

We trekked on down to the Lock & Key for a light lunch; calamari and nachos ala margaritas. A strange combination you say? Both were outstanding, AND we had leftovers. Time for the beach, and a few more margaritas; I think we were all ready for bed as midnight approached. Manana is a new day!

CC and I stumbled across a little neighborhood bakery in nearby North Port, FL, where the apple fritters are to die for, Abbe’s Bakery on the Tamiami Trail. (The cinnamon rolls aren’t too shabby either.) I ordered 4 of each, and off to Kathi and Obie’s we were. After making pigs out ourselves it was time for a little boating.

What a great day, just being on the water, taking in the sights and smells, watching for dolphins, soaking in the sun, sipping an ice cold margarita; aaahhhh………life is good! There was one of us in the foursome that decided that THEY were going to do some skiing, and after several (4) unsuccessful attempts, made their way back into the boat. My lips are sealed, and I’m not naming names, but they DO have at least two vowels in their name; and that’s ALL I’m saying.

Now it’s time for a great meal at The Gulf View Grill on Manasota Key. I had the Parmesan Encrusted Chilean Sea Bass, Kathi opted for Crab Colorado (a misnomer if ever there were one), and Obie and CC chose the Scallop and Shrimp Fettuccini. Great food with great friends; Life is indeed good.

While in the area we also dined at Maria’s Mexican Café, and the 776 Café, and both were very, very good, and are highly recommended along with Lock and Key and Gulf View Grill. Parting company is always a hard time for CC and I, as we have come to realize just how precious life and the gifts of life are, but the time has come to say our good bys. The week has gone by much too fast, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, your company and your hospitality. Hasta luego, mi amigos!

Another travel day again? Wow, where have the last two weeks gone? This is the gypsy lifestyle we have chosen, and so it is, with a heavy heart, we now head northward, up the Eastern seaboard, in search of “The Ultimate………” Until next time, take care and stay well

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