Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 1 – 26, 2012 “Vacation & Winter Texan Appreciation Day”

CC and I decided a short reprieve from this lifestyle was in order, so we planned to meet longtime friends, Terry and Janice, at the Port Royal Resort on Mustang Island, just south of Aransas Pass. It is conveniently located about 3 hours north of our winter home in Weslaco, and about 3 hours southwest of their home in Houston. We had a great time catching up and telling tall tales about a variety of topics; as Terry so often says, “You can’t BS a BSer”. Here we are on the Gulf boardwalk adjacent to the resort. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge.)

Since we are nearing an end to our stay in Weslaco, CC thought we should venture to Nuevo Progreso at least twice a week to fill our tanks with authentic Mexican food. We were told by several of the locals about a place where they prefer to eat, Alex’s Café, one block east of the main drag. It may not look the best, and it is not fancy, but the food is very good and the prices, in US dollars are reasonable; about half of what they are at popular Gringo eateries such as the Red Snapper, Garcia’s, Arturo’s or Angel’s. Diners beware no margaritas or cerveza served at Alex’s, so if that is your beverage of choice, bring it with you; no one minds and it’s a widely acceptable practice in Nuevo Progreso.

I opted for the Milanesa, and it did not disappoint. The homemade salsas were some of the best we have ever had. CC brought along her “Rita” in a styrofoam cup, whilst I sipped on a cerveza Indio.

CC enjoyed one of the largest ground beef stuffed chile rellenos I have ever seen, along with a tortilla warmer packed with a dozen handmade tortillas; all for $3. Notice the limes on the plates? If you’ve never tried fresh squeezed lime juice on Mexican food, try it. The locals use it like we Gringos use salt; it brightens the flavors and invigorates the taste buds.

And yet on another trip SOTB, a group of friends from Country Sunshine on our bi-weekly Friday luncheon get together. First stop is always at Pancho’s El Disco II for Antonio’s famous $2 margaritas; as Tony (pictured right of me) says, “You no like, you no pay”. Do we look like we’re having fun?

March 21 was Winter Texan Appreciation Day in Nuevo Progreso, and what a party it was. The Mexican people REALLY know how to put on a fiesta; live music and dancing by pretty girls, no less, free food and drinks, gifts, and most importantly, a genuine feeling of hospitality toward us gringos from the North. Below, CC and Friends, (from far left, Terry, Wendy, CC, and Arlene) showing off their fiesta masks.

The Corona Girls shakin’ their booties, and later pouring free cervezas for party goers.

Not to be outdone, Team Tecate opted for a stage complete with DJ, along with added help, stage right, pouring free cervezas for those interested.

This troupe of dancers, dressed in native costumes, stopped for a “Kodak Moment” with the girls. (Notice the bags CC and Wendy are holding? Full of free “stuff”)

Our stay in Weslaco is nearing an end. From here we will travel along the border, northwest through Laredo, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio, before turning southwest to Big Bend National Park where we will spend 5 – 7 days exploring the area. The next blog entry will be, a Wille Nelson classic; “On the Road Again”. Until then, take care and stay well……………………..


  1. Yum... cerveza girls! Did you know the Mexican people also use limes as Montezuma revenge preventative?(something you do not want) BTW. I love Big Bend. Great riding roads.

  2. Sounds like we missed a good day! Happy traveling, amigos!

  3. Michael, yes I had heard about the medicinal qualities of the lime, but we try, as best we can, to keep it clean, so to speak, and not cast any undue negative influences toward our neighbors SOTB. Any "diamonds in the rough" in / around Big Bend you can reveal would be greatly appreciated, as we are Big Bend virgins; so to speak ;)......