Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 29 – 31, 2012 “Pleasantly Surprised in Del Rio”

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After a grueling(?) 55 mile trip from Eagle Pass, we arrived at Hidden Valley RV Park in Del Rio, TX. What made this chapter a whole lot different was the owner of the RV Park in Del Rio had instructed us to call her before we left Eagle Pass. I thought this to be a little strange, since nothing like this has happened to us before, but, being the obedient husband that I am, asked no questions, as CC phoned Janet Casey, the owner. Janet asked how fast we would be driving, and we told her about 60, and she said, “I’ll meet you outside Del Rio on the highway in my blue Yaris. I’ll flash my lights at you, and just follow me to the park”. Upon hearing this, I almost spit my teeth. We have never experienced this kind of “customer service” in almost two years of full timing. I thought to myself, that’s unheard of, but quickly reverted to my subservient role as “the other half”, and quipped, “OK”. As we approached Del Rio, sure enough, there she was; but this time, I almost swallowed my teeth. As we followed Janet, she led us through Del Rio, to the quaintest oasis of an RV Park we have ever visited. Huge 50 - 60 year old Ash, Pecan, and Oak trees encompassed the park. This can’t be, I thought to myself. We’re in the middle of a semi-arid desert. I’ll let our campsite picture speak for itself. (As usual, click on any mage to enlarge).

(CC adds her $0.02) This morning (Saturday), we decided to make a trip to Ciudad Acuna, MX for lunch. We drove to the border looking for the parking lot next to the toll bridge to allow us to walk across to the Rio Grande River. This International Bridge is not like the crossing to Nuevo Progreso, MX, (NP) there was no parking lot. After a short stop at the Customs and Border Patrol to get information on where to park, we decided to take the Border Taxi across for lunch.

We explained to the taxi driver that we were interested in having lunch and a couple of margaritas. After a short wait loading suitcases and boxes for another passenger in the van we were on our way. The toll for the southbound bridge is $3.00 per car and a short conversation with the Border Patrol confirming citizenship and reason for the visit to Mexico. The taxi driver showed us where to eat, the best Pharmacy and where the shopping before he dropped us off at the restaurant “Manuel’s”; all this for just $20.00!?

The restaurant was very nice, more like a place for fine dining. Service was great since we were the only customers at the time. The waiter came and took our drink order after he delivered the menus, I was delighted to see the menu was in English although it was priced in pesos. The margaritas and the salsa were very good. We both agreed that the food was delicious. I chose the Mexican Plate 75 pesos, and a margarita, 55 pesos, a little pricey I thought; but good, none the less.

Fester, being the conservative one, decided on the Chile Rellenos de Res, and a margarita as well.

After lunch we walked down the block toward the area recommended for shopping. We found a few shops available, just not like the shopping in NP.

After our walking tour of the area we decided to walk back across the bridge. Thirty minutes and a little less than a two mile walk we were back at out car in the Border Taxi parking lot on our way back to Hidden Valley RV Park; another enjoyable afternoon in Mexico.

Manana we move to Marathon, TX. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, take care and stay well…………………

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