Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 23 - 30, 2012 "Surviving Las Vegas"

On our short trip northward to Tucson, we hit a “gator” in the road; sounded like hell. There was no way to miss it, as a passing 18-wheeler was next to me in the left lane. As soon as it was safe to pull over, I did, to survey for damage. Luckily, only a bent rock guard or hula skirt as CC calls it, and a broken gas strut on a basement door. Since we were on the way to Lazy Days (LD) in Tucson, we’ll have them put the rig on the rack and look underneath to see if there was any hidden damage that needs attention.

Why Lazy Days? I’m not thoroughly convinced the bedroom slide on the passenger side is closing correctly and fully. I’ve had two other Camping World techs tell me it’s the way it should be, but it doesn’t look quite right to me, as the outside weather-strip is not fully compressing to seal any potential rain.

Well, after sitting around at LD in Tucson for two days, and numerous consultations with service technicians and managers, they assure (assure not convince) me the slide is working as it was designed, and sealing properly, according to HWH, the manufacturer of the slide system. It does have a double seal, but when one isn’t working, it becomes a single seal system, right?

We have visited the other LD location in Tampa, and while it is much larger than this one, the outside customer service area was very nice, complete with a perimeter water misting system that actually cooled the air temps by at least 20 degrees. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge)

After paying the initial estimate of $96, ($20 to repair the broken strut, $20 to straighten the bent “hula skirt” and $56 to “adjust” the slide in question), we were finally ready to depart when I realized they had not given Elly a bath. So, back in to customer service; they apologized and bathed her, and went to pay, they said, “No charge, since we forgot to do it”. Hmmmm………..something free at LD? I was skeptical and CC commented, “maybe they just wanted to be rid of you”.

After getting set up at Lazy Days RV Park, CC convinced me I needed some R&R AWAY from the rig, and suggested a visit to Casino Del Sol would be what the doctor (CC) ordered. So after lunch at Little Mexico, we were casino bound. AND, she was right; after less than $10 invested, Lady Luck smiled upon me.

Needless to say, less than five minutes later, we left while we were ahead, and as we drove back to the rig, discussed our plans for the next week. We have been sitting way to long, and were about six days behind on our preliminary travel schedule for this spring / summer / fall escapade, so we decided to pick up the pace.

The first days travel of 175 miles brought us to Tonopah, AZ, about 50 miles west of Phoenix, just off I-10. Tonight we will call SaddleMountain RV Park our home. After check in at this Passport America location, we decided to take a walk, and discovered the ocotillo were in bloom.

The next day we tried to get an early start, and beat the heat, for the 150 mile trek, as afternoon temps were predicted to be in the mid 90’s. We stopped in route at a rest stop, had lunch, and about 1 pm arrived at Cattail Cove State Park, just south of Lake Havasu City. It had been recommended to us by a full timer at Lazy Days, and since we prefer state parks when our travel plans allow, it was a welcome reprieve from the typical cookie cutter RV park.

On our final travel day of the week; destination Las Vegas, 160 miles northward along the Colorado River. This was the second time in two years we have passed through three states in one day; AZ, CA and NV. As we left AZ and entered CA, our route traced the Old Route 66, and you could definitely tell it. The narrow road with little if any paved shoulders undulated with the terrain, giving us a roller coaster like ride, and even at the CA mandated speed limit of 55, brought us back into the time of our childhood.

We arrived at our home for the next few days, the LasVegas RV Resort, shortly after 2 pm. After our usual 15 minutes of set up, decided it was a little early for happy hour, and thought we would venture downtown to “The Fremont Experience”.  

We walked, and took in the sights and sounds as the zip-liners whizzed above us. When I asked CC how lucky she felt, she replied, “very”, so with that we entered one of the many casinos to test Lady Luck. After a couple of hours of spreading our quarters around downtown, we were both hungry when I noticed a marquee advertising $8.99 prime rib dinner at Tony Roma’s. The wait was short, and the prime rib very tender and tasty. Now it’s time for “Happy Hour”.

Back at “home” we sat outside and enjoyed our beverages, and tried to plan our activities for the following day; so much to do, how do we decide? May 1 will be our two year anniversary of full timing, and it has definitely flown by. It seems like only yesterday we were leaving the Denver area. But today, we will take time to smell the roses and survive Las Vegas.

CC has been in contact with Candace who is stationed here at Nellis AFB, and made arrangements to meet with her and her lovely daughter Gabby for dinner at Gabby’s favorite, Chili’s. It was great catching up with her, as it’s been almost 8 years since we last saw Candace. We are so proud of her, not only for her service to our country, but for the responsible woman and mother she has become. (Isn’t she a little hottie?)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Until next time take care and stay well………..

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