Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 15 - 22, 2012 "Snoqualmie to Moses Lake, WA"

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We spent the first two days at Snoqualmie River RV Park getting T2 put back the way T1 was. It seems like every time we opened up a new piece of software, it needed to be formatted to our preferences. So with that endeavor behind us, now we can do the usual WDYWTDT. Since it was Friday, I thought Pikes Place Market in Seattle might be a little less crowded than over the weekend, and so off we went. (As usual, click on any image to enlarge.)

I think I was wrong. This place is packed. After driving around for 30 minutes looking for a parking place, CC spotted a sign that read “$7 Parking”. By now, I just wanted to get out of the car; we’re burning daylight. Well, seems $7 is for 30 minutes, so we paid $14 for the hour, and went searching for “The Pig”.  A local legend states that rubbing the pig before you enter the market will bring you prosperity and good luck; rub away CC.

The market was so crowded we decided after an hour, to drive down to the piers and have lunch. As we approached the area, I noticed a Carnival Cruise Ship in port; well, that explains the crowds. After another 30 minites of looking for a place to park, we gave up that idea, and ventured to Ivar’s for lunch. I had the grilled salmon, while CC opted for the fish and prawns. They were both very good, but by now, we were both starving, so I’m sure anything would good.

After lunch it was off to the Space Needle, but as this day was evolving, the crowds were increasing, not decreasing. After another 30 minutes looking for a parking place, we gave up and instructed Nuvi to take us home. For those that haven’t encountered I-5 in this area, don’t know about the Express Lanes. Yep, you got it; in the wrong lane at the wrong time and you end up in Everett.

The following day we decided on something a little less adventurous. Snoqualmie Falls is only a few miles, so that is where our daily excursion started.

As we walked back to the Equinox, CC informed me of a nearby casino, which has a great $9.99 buffet for seniors with a club card. (I could tell she was getting itchy fingers, having not fondled a video poker machine in weeks?) After signing up for our club card and a reasonably good lunch buffet for $10.99 each, CC led me to the den of iniquity. I fought as hard as I could, but it was all in vain. She tugged $20 from my pocket, and said, “Wish me luck!”

Back at the rig it was now happy hour, and we talked about our next move to Moses Lake. And no, she wasn’t lucky. Tomorrow we will move 150 miles eastward.

After a leisurely 3 hour drive, even stopping for lunch along the way, we arrived at Sunset Resort RV Park around 2 pm. This park had mixed reviews, but my first impression was favorable; very clean and well maintained. It took us about an hour to check in and get set up, which happened to coincide with Happy Hour. (A little earlier than usual, but that’s OK on travel day.) After dinner we opted for the spa, and it felt great, having not had one since Hoodsport.

We decided on a day of R&R. CC wanted / needed to do laundry, and I had a few more bugs to work out of T2. Later in the day we went to Wally World for some provisioning. Back at the rig, we celebrated Happy Hour, had dinner and after that, another relaxing spa / hot tub. Now this I could get used to.

Today, we had Grand Coulee Dam in our sights, as it’s only 65 miles from the park. We got a late start, and arrived in Grand Coulee just in time for lunch. Feeling fully nourished, and up to the dam task at hand. First stop; the visitors center.

Upon entry into the visitors center, the girl working the desk asked, “Would you like a dam tour?”  I thought it odd, if she doesn't like her job, why doesn't she just quit, and get another one. But, what the heck, “Sure, we’ll take your dam tour”, I responded. “OK”, she said, “be up at the dam tour departure in about 25 minutes.”

Grand Coulee Dam is the longest dam in North America, 57 feet short of a mile, and was built to control floods, and to supply water for irrigation, via a pump back lake and canals, to the thousands of acres of farmlands in the Columbia River Basin. Below, a dam picture of CC looking over the edge at the rushing waters.

A few days before our visit, they had a very bad storm in the area, with winds in the 90 mph range. One of the dam cranes was blown to the end, and very nearly tumbled over. These cranes are huge, capable of lifting 4 million pounds.

Now, look closely below the crane to see the damage it did when it slid out of control, into the concrete wall.

I know what you’re thinking; that dam crane! And with that, our tour came to an end, but I’ll leave you with one final shot……’ve got it…………another dam picture.

Our time in Moses Lake is nearing an end. Tomorrow we will be moving just north of Spokane, to explore eastern Washington, and northern Idaho. Thanks for stopping by. Take care and stay well my friends………………….

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