Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 22 - 29, 2010 "Swimsuits Optional"

We departed Riverview in route to Rick & Zoe’s, 95 miles southeast of Loveland. We were treated to their top site on Loop C & D, with full hook ups. It was a sad day on our arrival, as we were informed that Betty, Zoe’s best friend and pet chicken, had passed. Betty was trained by Zoe to play Tic Tac Toe, and was a frequent blue ribbon winner at the county fair. Poor Betty, she will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Betty.

The onsite hot tub was frequented often, after dinner, with adult beverages in hand. Bathing suits were, of course, optional. Maybe that’s what they are laughing at. But why would they be laughing at the photographer? The water was warm, I swear. No cold water “shrinkage” had occurred. Really.

We were treated like royalty by Chef Ricardo. When his bride requested blackened rib eye steak with grilled tomatoes, the magic began. The Chef also decided on grilled Iowa sweet corn (brought in by private carrier, expressly for the occasion) and his own version of scalloped potatoes. Add a vintage bottle of cabernet sauvignon and you have the makings for a feast!

On August 26th we departed the Liz Resort in route to Ogallala, NE. I know what you’re thinking. What in the hell is in Ogallala? I’m glad you asked. Actually we are on our way to a family reunion in Jefferson City, MO, and CC wanted to go via Omaha, to see one of her closest friends. So, there; now you know we are not losing our minds. But actually there is quite a bit in the area, IF you get off the Interstate Highway and do some exploring. The Mansion on the Hill was our second stop.

Then it was on to Lake Ogallala in search of future campsites. Passing over the damn, we heard a loud, roaring thunder off to the East. We circled around in the Wrangler, and pulled up to the sight of the thunder. CC thought the “aroma” was like cleaning an aquarium. It had a pungent odor, most likely sulfur mixed with fish excrement. Yea, I guess that is the smell one smells when you clean an aquarium. The ol factory was definitely stimulated, not so much in a good way though.

We ventured further to Ash Hollow and discovered this limestone school house, constructed by locals in 1903, and was used until 1919.

Ash Hollow is on the Oregon Trail, and was used by the early settlers as a notable milestone of the California Road. Here at long last was an abundant supply of firewood, and the most copious supply of pure water this side of the Missouri River. Here were often found peaceful encampments of Sioux Indians.

There is documentary evidence of burials in the immediate vicinity of Ash Hollow, but only a few marked graves survive. The most noted is that of Rachel Pattison, who died June 19, 1849.

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