Sunset in PV

Sunset in PV

Saturday, August 7, 2010

July 30 - 31, 2010 - "Officially Retired"

We departed Lake Wilson in route to Bonny Lake State Park, 25 miles north of Burlington, CO; that is, of course, AFTER our usual provisioning stop at Wally World in Hayes, KS. We stopped for lunch in Wakeeny at Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet, and upon exiting CC decided she would saddle up and take the reins of the big rig. (Get your mind out of the gutter)

We were running low on propane, so Fester searched for a location to fill the tanks. One was located just south of Colby, so a slight detour was in order. As CC went barreling by the propane vendor (at a high rate of speed on a VERY narrow 2 lane highway) I wondered just where we could turn around. About 4 miles down the road, we spotted a young lady mowing on her John Deere. I told CC to stop (Yes, right on the highway) and jumped out and asked her if there was some place to tun around. She gave us directions, and about 2 more miles we were able to turn around, thanks to a farmers circle "driveway". OK, back to the propane vendor; this time a little slower, and we made it into the parking lot. After filling the propane we were once again on the way, and a few hours later arrived at our destination.
After getting set up and settled into our new home location, it donned on me, that this was "officially" my last day of employment, and so, a toast was in order. 29 years at one company is a long time, and naturally emotions were taking their toll on me, as I fought fervently to hold back the tears of despair. It was hard to muster a smile, but after much coaxing (and a martini) by CC, all I could manage was a modest(?) grin.

I say "officially" because this was my last PAID day of employment. We are actually in route to Denver as I have a meeting next week to introduce my replacement to a key account. Who is the idiot now you asked? Guess that is why they didn't quibble at the thought of my retirement. Don't ya just love it when you are appreciated as a valued employee? Oh well, as they say, it's water under the bridge now.

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